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City walk through Utrecht
City walk through Utrecht
city walk through Utrecht
vegan food tour utrecht


Food with a capital U

We love to enjoy our city by tasting all the flavors it has to offer. We like to do this in good company. That’s why we want you to join us on an adventure through Utrecht. From savory snacks to deliciously sweet chocolate snacks.

Walking through our city we will let you taste everything vegan Utrecht has to offer. So make sure you’re hungry, because it’s going to be a whole afternoon of munching, feasting, snacking and gorging with the capital Uuuuuu!

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Stories from our city

During the city walk through Utrecht we reflect on stories from the city. No long monologues about Roman history or famous figures of the past. We share funny anecdotes, fun facts, personal experiences and cool hotspots. We tell you about the vowel poem, show you in which bookstore you buy your next cookbook and point out special details that most visitors miss. All your senses will be stimulated during the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht.

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An interactive experience

We want to hear your stories too! About where you come from, the delicacies you will never forget and the best places you have ever eaten. So think about it for a moment: what do you have to tell us?

You learn about us Utrecht, we about you. We try to answer (or find) an answer to all questions that arise. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll come back to it later. Together we will turn this tasty discovery tour through Utrecht into a fantastic adventure!

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