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Our giftcard: a real experience!



This gift is an experience!

What could be more fun than going out together and experiencing new things? Go away for the weekend, enjoy delicious food or stroll through the historical streets of a Dutch city. Or, do all of those things during the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht! You actually make someone happy twice. The first time is when you give the gift, the second time is when you experience the gift together.

During the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht, a story is created that you will share with each other forever. Buying stuff is soooo 2015. Go on a sustainable adventure together: buy a vegan gift!

What will you experience with this vegan gift?

Our guide takes you on a tasting tour of the nicest and most delicious vegan hotspots in the centre of Utrecht. Along the way, your taste buds will be tantalised with surprising vegan snacks. During the walk, our guide will share fun and intriging facts about our beautiful city. You’ll go home with a full belly, great tips and an overview of all the vegan hotspots in Utrecht.

How do I give this vegan gift to someone?

Option 1: Send all codes to yourself
Order one or more gift vouchers via the form on the right. You can choose different amounts*. You will receive a unique voucher number for each gift voucher you purchased. In the confirmation e-mail of your booking, you can download the Vegan Food Tour Gift Voucher, as shown below. You can then write the details of the recipient, the unique code and a personal message on the gift voucher (digitally). Then you can send it digitally, print it out or give it personally!

Option 2: Send the codes directly to the recipients
You can also choose not to use the Vegan Food Tour Gift Voucher PDF, but to mail the codes directly to the recipient(s). You do this by entering multiple e-mail addresses when making your booking. In that case, each recipient will receive an e-mail containing the gift voucher code to be entered when booking a time slot.

Whether you choose option 1 or option 2 is irrelevant: either way, you’ll be giving a super-fun vegan gift to your friends or family. What could be more fun and delicious than tasting snacks during our vegan food tour in ‘the Domstad’? Nothing! Are you coming along too? Look for an available date together and ad it to your calender. Before you know it, you’ll be strolling through Utrecht!

Example: this is what the gift voucher looks like

*There are gift vouchers available of 10, 25, 55 or 110 euro. Please note that a full ticket costs €55. In the case of the lower amounts, someone has to pay extra if they book a time slot. If you choose €110, you are giving someone two tickets as a gift.

For companies

A personalised vegan gift

Would you like to surprise all your colleagues with a gift voucher for the Vegan Food Tour? That’s possible! On request, we can make personalised gift vouchers with your logo and a personal message for all your colleagues.

Would you like to know more? Contact us via the form on this page.

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