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Things to do in Utrecht
Things to do in Utrecht
Things to do in Utrecht

Sustainable team outing

Team outing Utreg Style

The Vegan Food Tour Utrecht is the perfect sustainable team outing to enjoy with your colleagues. During a three-hour walk through the city centre of Utrecht, you will get to know the nicest and most delicious vegan restaurants and cafés. You will taste 100% vegan snacks and find out how the creative dishes are made.

Choosing the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht as your team outing means not only a fun, active day with colleagues but also a sustainable choice. The only energy that is burned is your own. You will be energized with no other power than Plant Power!

The vegan snacks that you eat during the tour vary from sweet to savoury and from healthy to fatty. According to participants who have already experienced our outing in Utrecht, there is only one drawback: at the end of the day, it is impossible to choose which snack was the best ;).

“We booked the Vegan Food Tour as a team outing and it turned out great. We had a wonderful afternoon, not only because of the surprisingly delicious snacks but also because of the cheerful guidance of Daisy and Patrick. Everything went smoothly! Highly recommended!”

Better Places

10 reasons why you should book today!

1. You get delicious food and drink
2. You will get to know Utrecht (even better)
3. You’ll meet inspiring entrepreneurs
4. You will discover many secret ingredients
5. You finish the tour with an alcoholic drink
6. On request we can also organise a drink!
7. After the tour, everyone is invited for a vegan working lunch
8. You have a fun, active afternoon with colleagues
.9 You know all the vegan hotspots of the city
10. You go home with a head full of inspiration and a belly full of good food!

Stories from our stadsie

During the leisurely stroll through the city centre, we pause to listen to stories from the city. No long monologues about Roman history or famous figures of the past. We share funny anecdotes, fun facts, personal experiences and cool hotspots. We’ll tell you about the vowel poem, show you where to buy your next cookbook and point out special details that most visitors miss. All your senses will be stimulated during the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht.

Your team outing in Utrecht starts here! Request information via the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will then look together at which day suits the agenda of your entire team. Get to know the vegan flavours of the Domstad with us!

An interactive experience

We want to hear your stories too! About where you come from, the delicacies you’ll never forget and the best places you’ve ever eaten. You learn about us Utrecht, we learn about you. We will try to answer (or find) every question that comes our way.

Together, we’ll make this tasty journey of discovery through Utrecht a fantastic adventure!

Inspiring entrepreneurs

Besides all the surprising flavours, there is one important ingredient that should not be missing: entrepreneurship. During this team outing in Utrecht, your guide will tell the inspiring stories of the Utrecht entrepreneurs. Each of them has their own reason for choosing a plant-based approach. From pure love for animals to frustration because there is nothing vegan to snack on at the end of a night out.

“A very nice tour also if you are not vegan! Delicious snacks and drinks and you don’t have to eat afterwards (or before the tour for that matters????). You come across nice places in the city and Patrick tells you about them enthusiastically. In short, a must-do!”


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