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vegan bike tour
vegan bike tour utrecht
vegan food tour utrecht


I like to eat meat. Is this tour for me too?

Absolute! The tours of Vegan Food Tour Utrecht are for everyone who loves good food. We promise you that the snacks you taste along the way are so tasty that you won’t miss a moment of meat and dairy!

Where does the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht start?

After your booking has been confirmed and paid, you will receive a confirmation email from us, in which you will find the exact starting location of the bicycle or city tour. Did you not receive the email? Or did it unexpectedly end up in your spam? Then send an email to We will then ensure that you receive the important information.

Ugh, it's raining. Is the tour still going on?

Put on your rain suit and put an umbrella in your bag, because the tour continues as usual! Only if the weather is so bad that it is not safe to continue the tour (code red!!), we will cancel it. In that case you will simply get your money back or you can move the tour to another date.

Is food and drink included in the price during the tour?

All snacks and dishes that we taste at the different locations are included in the price. During the tours there is plenty of opportunity to buy even more goodies to take home at the various locations.

Can I also do the tour with a food allergy?

We try to take food allergies into account as much as possible during the bike and city tour. We cannot promise that you can eat everything or that an alternative is available everywhere. The sooner we know what to take into account, the greater the chance that we can arrange something for you. That is why it is possible to indicate your allergy when booking your tickets.

Do I have to have lunch before the tour starts?

You will get more than enough to eat during the bike and city tour to replace your lunch. Do you get hangry if you have to wait until 2 pm to eat? Then have a small snack or a banana to calm your rumbling stomach. It is a shame if you are full before the end of the tour.

Are the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht tours in Dutch or English?

In principle, the tours of Vegan Food Tour Utrecht are in Dutch. If there are foreign-speaking participants, we will decide in consultation with the group whether the language of instruction during the tour is English or Dutch. The guides can translate all information both ways during the tour.

How many locations will we visit during the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht?

During both tours we visit seven locations. The exact number may differ due to unforeseen circumstances or adjusted opening hours. In that case we will make sure that the missed location is compensated with another treat. You will always have a full stomach after the tour.

How many participants can participate in the tour, minimum and maximum?

The city tour and the bike tour only take place if at least 4 participants have booked. To keep things cozy and clear, the maximum group size is 10 people. For company outings and other group bookings, more participants can join.

Can we also do the tour with more than 10 people?

Are you coming with more than 10 people? We also offer tours for private groups. Are you organizing a bachelor party, team outing , weekend with friends, family celebration or other special occasion? Or would you rather book the tour on a different day than Friday, Saturday or Sunday? We can organize a tailor-made tour. Call (06 44 21 79 99) or email us ( to discuss your wishes. A lot is possible in consultation.

We want to do the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht as a company outing. Is that possible?

Absolute! We can imagine that it is more convenient to organize your team outing on a weekday. In consultation we can also organize the bike tour or the city tour on another day of the week. It is possible that the content of the tour will look slightly different, due to the opening times of the different locations. Call (06 44 21 79 99) or email us ( to discuss the options.

Can we book a private tour?

Send us an email with the number of people, the date of the private tour and any other wishes. Then we will let you know asap what is possible.

Do I get my money back if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking up to 14 days before the start of the tour, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel between 14 days and 24 hours before the start of the tour, we will charge a 20% administration fee. Do you cancel later than 24 hours before the start of the tour or do you not show up? Then you will not get any money back. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

Where will we all eat during the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht?

That is a surprise!

Does the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht start and end at the same location?

The city tour starts in a different place than where we end. It is a five minute walk from the end point back to the start point. The tour ends right in the center, so you can enjoy the city afterwards. The bike tour starts and ends at the same place, near Utrecht Central Station.

Is the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht also suitable for children?

Do your children like good food and is it no problem at all to walk six kilometers or cycle twenty kilometers? Then the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht is also suitable for your children. For children from 6 to 11 years old you only pay 15 euros. For children from 12 to 17 you pay 40 euros. By offering an adjusted rate for this group, we want to reduce the threshold for the whole family to participate in our tour. This contributes to our mission of introducing people to veganism in a positive way, thus helping to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and animal-friendly food system. Want to know more? Read about our mission and vision .


During the tours we discuss which snacks they will or will not receive. Children under 6 years old can join for free. They receive a less extensive range of snacks during the tour.

What should I bring on the tour?

It is smart to take a refillable bottle with you, which you can fill with water on the go. We also recommend that you wear clothes that suit the weather. For the city tour it is smart to wear shoes that you can walk comfortably in. Just to be safe, take your wallet with you if you want to buy a drink or something extra at the locations. Then you only have to make sure that you have a good appetite.

I have been living in Utrecht for years. Is there anything new for me to discover?

We have already taken a lot of Utrecht residents on the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht tours. Time and again we hear that they have seen and learned things about our beautiful city that they did not know before. So the answer is ‘yes, even as a Utrechter there is still a lot to discover’.

Can I buy something delicious during the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht at the locations we visit?

Depending on the group size and the pace of the tour, there will be an opportunity to buy snacks at the locations we visit. At some locations you will be given a discount voucher during the tour, so you can come back at a later time.

Can I shop in Utrecht during the tour?

No, unfortunately there is no time for shopping during the tour. During the city tour we will point out a few nice shops, which you should definitely make time for later.

How high is the Dom Tower?

The Dom Tower is 112.5 meters high, making it the highest church tower in the Netherlands. To get to the top you have to climb 465 steps. The Dom Tower is the tallest building in Utrecht. The law stipulates that no higher than the iconic tower may be built in the center of the city.

Is vegan food tasty?

It’s about time you book a spot for the next Vegan Food Tour in Utrecht!

Do I have to be fit to do the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht?

You don’t have to be sporty, but you must have a basic condition. The city tour is about a 6 kilometer walk, with regular stops along the way for a snack or a nice story. Because of the old-fashioned vowels in the city center of Utrecht, it is smart to wear comfortable shoes. The bike tour is between 15 and 20 kilometers by bike. Along the way we get off a few times to eat something delicious.

Do I know everything about the history of Utrecht after the tour?

Honestly? New. We are not historians and we certainly do not pretend to know everything about our city and its history. Do you want to go back in time and learn how Utrecht came to be? Then we recommend that you do a historical city walk with Willemijn Bánki.

What will you tell about Utrecht during the tour?

We love crazy facts and fun facts. Between the snacks we stop every now and then for a nice anecdote, we show crazy places and we tell you the things we love about Utrecht. At the end of the tour you will look at the city with different eyes.

Boek vandaag nog jouw tour!
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